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Spilt Milk Studios

don't cry over it


For the first decade of our existence, we acted like a traditional indie studio, going from idea to idea, opportunity to opportunity, and we had no small success doing so! An invaluable asset built over that time is our expertise and reputation. But now we're focused on the next ten years.

We're making games for a global audience, and are driven by an inexorable moral imperative around how we build this company, and the kinds of games we want to make.

Us: Community - Diversity - Curiosity.
Our Games: Wholesome - Delightful - A twinkle in our eye.

These pillars guide us as we grow, nurturing people, processes & talent so that we leave the world a better place than how we found it. It's literally the least we can do.

we make games that are


Cosy, comfortable, colourful. Maybe whimsical.  The sorts of games you look forward to spending time in. We're not saying no conflict, but we're more Ghibli than Game of Thrones!


We want our players to be smiling, surprised and super excited to see what's next - be it the next unlock, the next DLC or the next story beat!

Made with a twinkle in our eye...

We never want to lose our sense of humour, but that doesn't mean everything is a joke! Life is serious, we make entertainment, and while we won';t shy aay from drama, conflict and political issues, we want to ensure we're never too far from a bit of well-timed levity, or a character comfortably lightening the mood.

meet the humans
Andrew J Smith tiny.jpg
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creative director

Andrew Smith

Andrew is the founder, CEO and Creative Director. He has been making games his entire professional life, and is a published comic book writer. He also won a games-themed bake-off competition with an 'Ocarina of Key Lime Pie'?! 

simon r.png
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principal coder

Simon Roth

Simon is not just a Principal Coder, he runs a community garden! His neighbour’s cat is also stalking him… I wonder if those two things are connected somehow?

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senior designer

Steven Hatchard

Spends far too much time painting miniatures and puts hot sauce on things that probably shouldn't be subjected to such spice. The menagerie of animals he rescues often guest star in standups.

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principal artist

Kat Aa. Strømsvåg

That one weird 3D Artist who loves optimising! Kat worked in education for 6 years and therefore counts themself as 600 years old, mentally speaking. They love dogs the most but other animals too, nature in general, and very specifically "funny-looking" plants.  Google 'Stephania Cepharantha' at your own risk!

tahlia s.png

    junior 3D artist

    Tahlia Smith

    Tahlia is our Junior 3D artist and loves to travel! Her family are from the Apennine Mountains in Central Italy, which means you have to travel up the mountains to get there! How adventurous!

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    concept artist

    Deven Posedel

    Deven - or Donnie - loves cute things. They're his jam, you could say. To go one further, drawing is his peanut butter. He strives every day to make the greatest sandwich possible out of the two.

    Phi Dinh.png
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    principal coder

    Phi Dinh

    Phi is an incredibly experienced games programmer and game designer who is supremely passionate about procedural generation and AI, as well as gamefeel. His love & knowledge of retro games is impressive & adorable!

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    product & strategy director

    Nicholas Lovell

    A Game Director and Monetisation Design Consultant with decades of experience, he makes sure we're thinking strategically as well as helping build excellent design & production processes. His love for boats and sailing is surpassed only by his passion for Car Wars.

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    junior audio designer

    Benjamin Harper

    Loves Ryan Gosling and cookies, hates cheese except on pizza. He has such strong opinions on music that he once sat in a corner of a club listening to Bonnie Tyler on his headphones rather than listen to the DJ. Holding Out For A Hero, in case you were wondering.

    lesleyann white.jpg
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    Lesleyann White

    Lesleyann is a multi-award-winning Producer, Release Manager & QA expert who helps our teams deliver games on time, on budget and to high quality while staying happy, healthy and energised.

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    community manager

    Kieran Franklyn

    An experienced streamer and constant good vibes generator, he once read so much manga in a single day that he forgot about the concept of colours. Don't ask what sauce he put on his chips on that fateful day...

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    junior QA

    Anthony Langston

    Only saw The Matrix and Fight Club in 2022 (making certain team members feel very old). Hates tomatoes, apart from on pizza... there's a theme here. Loves to get lost in anime, open-world games and restaurants, the last one because there's always something interesting going on in the kitchen.



    People are what makes games special. The team of developers who make them, to the hordes of players who enjoy them, and everyone in between. We believe in sharing that passion, being open about development, and fostering a wonderful space for people to play together - and so thank you to everyone who plays our games, talks to us on forums and discord, and supports us by buying our games, or via Patreon and Kickstarter.


    We're a small core team but we work with a great bunch of contractors across all disciplines. Special shoutouts to:

    Andy Grier, Jacob Briggs, Sid Harthan, Moo Yu, Ewan Brock, Gavin Harrison, Alice Duke, John Aggs, Jon Denton, Jade Law, David Meikle, Gavin Spence, Damion Sheppard & more!


    We do everything we can to support and nurture the future talent of the industry. We work with CAPA,  ELAM and other institutions to place students in our company, working on real projects, and ending up with their names in the credits of actual games. Big love to all those we've worked with so far:

    Alexandre Scheurer, Ashley Erickson, Brooke Cilley, Chris Naing, Connor Walls, Edward Baptiste, Ellie Vong, Ellis Devonish, Emily Carlson, Iliana Meletiou, Jacqueline Wick, Joan Bambery, Larissa Lee, Lina Widodo, Mason Kowalski, Maxwell Shapiro, Nicole Puscas, Olivia Myers, Raiyana Haque, Xavier Adams & Zeda Bartlett-Duhr & many more!



    Our Studio

    We are a part of the tentacle zone, we work in a game focused co-working space in the centre of London.

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