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Spilt Milk Shake

publishing experimental, prototype and gamejam games

What are Shakes?

Spilt Milk Shake is the label where we publish experimental, prototype, gamejam and otherwise 'leftfield' games that we produce, often with interns or student teams as part of an industry brief. It's important that people get credits on launched games, and this is our way of helping our future talent do just that!

Peck n Run

Peck N Run is the cutest arcade action game ever made about regurgitating crustaceans!


Your chicks are hungry - and only you can feed them fast enough! Run across the beach at break-peck speed, pecking every shellfish you can find!

Dodge the debris and DO NOT GET HIT BY THE WAVES.

If you do, you'll drop your mouthful and have some very hangry chicks to contend with.

Peck N Run is a fast-paced high-score-chasing arcade game full of cute birds, even cuter chicks, and idiot crustaceans. What's not to love?



The Earth is covered in rubbish, humanity has abandoned civilization, and animals are running rampant across the globe!

And so, it's up to you, the player, to solve the pollution crisis for animal kind so the world can begin anew.


Traverse natural wonders, clean up any man-made trash and log as many animals as possible, all while playing as an animal yourself!

Built by an amazing team of third years students at Abertay University, to an industry brief written by us (Spilt Milk Studios) - inspired by Katamari Damacy combined with a need to save the world - and built using Anything.World's amazing tech!

Pug Golf

Putt your pug to success in this epic game of Pug Golf! Jump, shrink, and boost your way through 9 holes using the crazy power-ups. 

Whether you're a casual gamer who wants a relaxing experience, or a seasoned pro at games like 'Golf with Your Friends', Pug Golf offers something new - be it the power-ups or the Super Monkey Ball style movement at the end of your golf swings.

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