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A 4 player co-op shooter where you and your friends battle to

escape an experiment-gone-wrong! As volunteers for The Institute you've been charged with exploring alternate dimensions, but the tech has left your stranded and you'll have to fight to survive!

​By day: Scavenge for Resources to build the Escape Teleporter, exploring 4 randomly seeded chunks of alien worlds and alternate dimensions full of resources and secrets...

By night: Fend off hordes of vicious enemies that teleport in from all over time and space, swarming you and attempting to trap you forever!

You'll need Weapons, Ammo & Tools as the world and challenges change around you - every morning the world is remixed, while every night new and more terrifying foes throw themselves at your team!

Crayta - and all the games built in it - was shut down on the 3rd of March 2023. As a result, we’ve documented this game thoroughly with a full playthrough, which you can watch below.

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