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Remote / Hybrid [Central London] (not crucial, but it is nice working in person now & then)

Employee (starts as soon as you’re available)

£30k+ (depends on experience. Salary-equivalent dayrate for applicants outside UK)
Fulltime (35 hour work week)

applications closed

We are looking for

We’re looking for a passionate, organised and motivated Producer to help us build our studio into a world-beating, award-winning developer by making our lives easy, and helping us ship great games on time and on budget!

You’ll be a key part of a small and creative team, touching almost every aspect of the game and its development alongside an experienced, talented & friendly group of devs. We’re completely committed to building a company as diverse as the audiences we want to entertain, and will be really excited to hear from anyone who thinks they might bring a little something-something to our team.

You’re passionate about quality and processes - you recognise that production's job is to flex and support the needs of the team. You’re focused on the people you work with and the clients we work for. You’re a clear & open communicator, used to finding creative solutions. You're super organised. You’re great at managing your time and people.


We want to find someone who’ll be comfortably themselves with us, and make us all better developers as well as better people.

We’re after a candidate who

  • Has shipped 1 game. But we understand a lot of games don’t ship, so failing that...

  • Has worked on 1 or more games, with work they can demonstrate

  • Loves data, and knows how to make the most of it

  • Has demonstrable task tracking software experience

  • Has a special interest & skills in any or all of Production, Admin, HR, Ops

  • Modern/up-to-date skillset (sprints, kanban, workflows, etc)

  • Is self-motivated and great communicator

  • Willing to support junior members through feedback, mentoring and even teaching

  • Is excited to try things they’ve never done before

The Current Production Team

  • Executive Producer, who you would report to

  • Junior QA, who you'd frequently work alongside

  • Art, Design and Code Leads, who you'd frequently work alongside


  • We use Unity or Unreal for most of our games

  • HacknPlan for production/tickets/planning

  • Discord for our remote-first studio

  • Notion, Miro & Google Suite for documentation, business & admin

  • We don’t care what software you choose to use to get the job done, as long as it helps you get the job done to your best ability


  • Guiding the team through sprints - to deliver sprint goals and milestones to the highest quality possible.

  • Liaise with clients to support their needs for deliverables, insight and data, and our ability to deliver

  • Empower us to support, build and grow the team constantly and sensitively; using data, process and intuition

  • You'll create, edit, triage and otherwise handle tickets and tasks within Hack N Plan

  • Managing your time and that of the team across multiple projects.

  • Define, build and own the Production workflow, building off our current processes to better support our teams' changing needs.

  • You’ll help us establish workflows, identifying and pushing for improvements

  • You’ll weigh our strengths and weaknesses as a team, and help us overcome or adapt to them

  • Contribute to pitch documents & external-facing assets

Things we can’t really budge on

  • Excellent at communicating in spoken and written English

  • Close to the UK time zone (+/-2hrs)

We respect your time

If we get to the point where we have several amazing candidates, there’ll be a test, and you will be paid to take it.

To be clear, we absolutely still want to hear from you if...

  • You don’t live in the UK - as long as you’re +/-2hrs of our time zone and are happy to work to match our core UK hours

  • You don’t have a degree

  • You think you’re too inexperienced for the role

  • You don’t hit all of the points we’ve called out

applications closed
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